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The Friends of Leicestershire Chorale is a flourishing band of music lovers who support Leicestershire Chorale by regular attendance at concerts and through an annual subscription. Friends receive concessions on all main concert ticket prices, a newsletter and special information about Leicestershire Chorale programming, events and activities. The Friends are currently run by Peter and Mary Fairley, and were founded by Tony Gelsthorpe and Gill Bracey who still regularly support Leicestershire Chorale. As they recently stepped down our President, Viv Anthony wrote a tribute to them to thank them for their huge contribution to the success of Leicestershire Chorale. You can read this here.

Friends contribute financially to the Leicestershire Chorale Choral Scholarship Scheme, which supports promising young singers.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Leicestershire Chorale please complete the form at the end of this page. Alternatively please download, print, complete and return this form to the return address shown.

Leicestershire Chorale gratefully acknowledges and thanks the following current Friends:

  • Janet and Matthew Allen
  • Johannes Arens
  • Mr and Mrs C M Baker
  • Diana Barker
  • Michael and Joan Bosworth
  • Gill Bracey
  • John Bradford
  • Bob Brown and Saronne Rubyan Ling
  • David and Dee Brunning
  • Ann and Nick Butler
  • Peter Chester
  • David and Sarah Clark
  • Wendy Davies
  • Peter Finch
  • Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland Dr Sarah Furness and Professor Peter Furness
  • Tony Gelsthorpe
  • John and Alison Green
  • Ann Kanter
  • Michael and Gill Kelly
  • Peter Lawson
  • Paul and Anna Leonard-Williams
  • Nicki Little
  • Ann Llowarch
  • Colonel Robert and Mrs Janie Martin
  • Mary Moore
  • Gill and Martin Parker
  • Neil and Susan Paterson
  • Kathy and Andrew Robinson
  • Anne Shipman
  • David Simpson
  • Debbie and Alan Smith
  • John and Chris Taylor
  • Julian and Margie Todd
  • Stuart and Sue Tyler
  • John and Janet Wardle
  • Martin and Sue Watts
  • Jim and Mary Weir

Leicestershire Chorale is delighted to have as Honorary Composer Friends

  • Ruth Almgill
  • James Garner
  • David Fisher
  • Howard Skempton
  • James Weeks

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