Leicestershire Chorale Members


Leicestershire Chorale Membership

The membership of Leicestershire Chorale is of varied age and experience. It includes choral scholars and student members studying for their A-Levels or degrees, and septuagenarians still offering much vocal quality and no little wisdom! Many of the former group has gone on to read music and singing either at University (often as choral scholars) or at Music College.

We are also lucky to have members for whom music is their profession in another guise, either as teachers, church musicians or instrumentalists. Many other singers took music seriously in their education and now ‘play hard’ with it as their life-long hobby. All singers come to Chorale as paying members – aside from those awarded choral scholarships and student memberships to sing with us – and thus give equal support to the organisation as an amateur venture with charitable status.

Whilst we’re not currently looking to add anymore singers, the membership from year to year is often fluid and so enquiries are always welcome.

Choral scholarships and student memberships are awarded on an annual basis, and Director Tom Williams is keen to hear from interested parties at any point within a particular season.

Membership Enquiries

Please get in touch with regard to any of these opportunities by completing form on our Contact Us page.